Converting your bike into an electric bike: what you need to know 

Converting your bike into an electric bike: what you need to know 

Electric bikes are on the rise today more than ever. They are attracting more and more people because they are faster and more pleasant. You can get it directly in store or simply transform your current bike into an electric bike. Here is the essential thing to know about electric bike conversion.

How is the conversion to an electric bike done?

Transforming a classic bike into an electric bike is indeed possible and is done using a conversion kit. This ingenious system allows you to transform any bicycle into an electric bicycle. It combines a motor and a battery that are easily installed on the bike. You can carry out the transformation yourself or turn to a professional like Syklo. In 2 hours maximum, these professionals transform your bicycle into a practical and powerful electric bike.

How much does an electric bike conversion cost?

One of the main advantages of converting an electric bike concerns the economic aspect. In fact, the operation costs less and saves you from having to buy a new electric bike. Converting an electric bike will cost you between 300 and 1000 euros. On the other hand, a new electric bike costs between 600 and 6000 euros.

If you can do the electric bike conversion yourself, you’ll cut the price in half. It is not uncommon to find conversion kits ready to be installed on the internet, starting from 400 euros.

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