How does a simple update turn the Pinion MGU engine into a fully automatic machine? Discover the magic of connectivity!

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of connectivity! Find out how a simple update transformed the Pinion MGU engine into a fully automatic machine. Prepare to be amazed by the magic of technology!

The Pinion MGU engine: a revolutionary improvement

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The Pinion MGU (Motor Gearbox Unit) motor recently saw a major breakthrough thanks to a simple software update. This innovation transformed the motor into a fully automatic machine, providing a revolutionary riding experience for e-bike owners. Discover the magic of connectivity and its endless possibilities!

An automatic gearbox for effortless driving

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One of the main benefits of the Pinion MGU engine software update is the introduction of a fully automatic gearbox. Prior to this improvement, the motor offered semi-automatic operation, requiring a dedicated function to perform automatic gear changes, but only when the bike was moving without pedaling. However, now gear changes are carried out autonomously, allowing effortless driving and better adaptation to all situations, even when pedaling at full load.

Ultra-fast gear changes from the third quarter of 2024

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The Pinion MGU engine software update also offers a significant performance improvement in terms of shifting speed. Thanks to this technological development, owners of bicycles equipped with MGU will be able to benefit from ultra-fast gear changes, whatever the riding conditions. Details of this improved Smart.Shift technology will be presented by Pinion at Eurobike in Frankfurt in early July, sparking excitement among e-bike enthusiasts.

A free update for all owners of bikes equipped with the Pinion MGU

The best news is that this long-awaited software update will be available free of charge to all owners of e-bikes equipped with the Pinion MGU. Scheduled for the third quarter of 2024, this update will allow you to take advantage of all the automated features of the engine, thus providing an even more pleasant driving experience. Connectivity plays a vital role here by allowing users to benefit from the latest technological advances without changing hardware.

The Pinion MGU motor software update represents a major technological advancement in the world of e-bikes. With this simple update, the engine becomes a fully automatic machine, offering lightning-fast gear changes and effortless driving. Owners of bikes equipped with the Pinion MGU will be able to enjoy these improvements for free, thanks to connectivity and the magic of the software update. This is a real revolution for electric bike enthusiasts, allowing them to enjoy an unrivaled riding experience.

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