Electric bike or not: How to obtain up to 4,000 euros in aid in Saint-Caradec?

Find out how to get up to 4,000 euros in aid in Saint-Caradec for the purchase of an electric bike or not! Generous subsidies can allow you to drive in peace while preserving the environment.

The town of Saint-Caradec encourages cycling

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The municipality of Saint-Caradec (Côtes d’Armor) is committed to the development of cycling by setting up new financial assistance for the acquisition of an electric or non-electric bicycle. This initiative aims to encourage residents to adopt a more ecological and environmentally friendly mode of transport.

Up to 4,000 euros of aid available

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Residents of Saint-Caradec can benefit from various financial assistance for the purchase of a bicycle. Cumulatively, this aid can reach up to 4,000 euros. The municipal aid is added to that of the State, thus offering significant financial support to future owners of electric or non-electric bicycles.

Why choose an electric bike in Saint-Caradec?

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Choosing an electric bike has many advantages for the residents of Saint-Caradec. In addition to contributing to the preservation of the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it allows savings in terms of fuel. In addition, residents can benefit from a network of secure greenways which facilitates bicycle travel in the town.

Who can benefit from this aid?

Financial aid from the municipality of Saint-Caradec is aimed at all residents who agree to keep their bike for at least two years. In addition, this aid is capped at 40% of the purchase cost of the bicycle. The amount of aid granted also depends on the reference tax income of each beneficiary.

How to obtain this aid in Saint-Caradec?

Thanks to the financial aid available in Saint-Caradec, residents can now benefit from substantial support for the purchase of an electric bicycle or not. This initiative encourages cycling and contributes to the ecological transition of the municipality. By opting for a bicycle, the inhabitants of Saint-Caradec can benefit from an economical, ecological mode of transport that is beneficial for their health.

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