Is this revolutionary electric bike the best deal on the market for cycling enthusiasts?

Discover the revolutionary electric bike that could be a game-changer for all cycling enthusiasts! A deal not to be missed on the market? Your turn to judge !

A revolutionary electric bike at a low price

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The Brumaire Folio electric bike is a model that promises to revolutionize the urban cycling market. With its elegant styling and ease of use, it provides a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience, without sacrificing performance. And all at a very affordable price.

Comfort and simplicity

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The Brumaire Folio is above all designed to offer great driving comfort. Its open aluminum frame allows an upright position which relieves the back and wrists, while its suspended fork absorbs shocks for better stability. The single-speed belt transmission offers simple use and no derailment problems.

The bike is equipped with a Bafang rear motor with 35 Nm of torque, which offers electric assistance to facilitate climbs and long journeys. The control screen allows you to select from five levels of assistance, suitable for all types of routes.

Elegant and functional design

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The design of the Brumaire Folio is both elegant and functional. With its chrome finishes and its duo of leather-colored saddle and handles, it attracts all eyes. The opening of the frame makes it easy to access the bike and allows you to easily add accessories or a luggage rack.

The 374 Wh battery is perfectly integrated into the frame’s downtube, giving it a neat aesthetic. It offers a range of around 50 km and can be recharged in just 5 hours. Additionally, the bike is equipped with an approved rear rack that can hold up to 22.5 kg, hydraulic disc brakes, mudguards and a kickstand. All this equipment is included in the price of the bike.

The best deal for cycling enthusiasts

The Brumaire Folio is offered at a very attractive price of 1,890 euros. For this price, you benefit from a quality electric bike, with high-end finishes and complete equipment. However, it should be noted that assembly and manufacturing are not carried out in France, but by international partners.

Despite this, the Brumaire Folio remains a great deal for urban cycling enthusiasts looking for a high-performance and affordable electric bike. It is available in four different colors and can be ordered now on the brand’s official website.

The Brumaire Folio is undoubtedly a revolutionary electric bike that offers excellent value for money. Its elegant design, ease of use and performance make it an ideal choice for urban cycling enthusiasts. If you’re looking for an affordable, high-performance electric bike, the Brumaire Folio is definitely an option to consider.

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